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Hi, I am Xiaotian (Steven) Dai. Sometimes I use Yunfei as my name on forums. I am currently a CS Ph.D. candidate in the Real-time Systems Group, University of York, UK. My skills are quite diverse: from basic programming and microcontrollers to real-time systems analysis, algorithms design and control systems. This diversity enables me to know much about robotics, which is a multi-disciplined field of research. I am involved in many parts of robotics: simulation, hardware, prototyping, sensors, actuators, controller design, programming, communication, vision and planning (excluding mechanics unfortunately). I have many experiences in designing mobile and aerial robots which I got from various robot competitions and university final projects.

This website is built to share my own research and part-time projects. I hope you will like my posts and if you have any suggestion or comment, you are very welcome to leave me a message to let me know.

External Links:
–> To see my Portfolio
–> To see my Github
–> To see my Linkedin
–> Email: automatic.dai (at) gmail.com

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