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硕士毕业设计: Visual-Based Localization and Tracking of a UGV with a Quadcopter. 使用AR.Drone四轴飞行器,上位机采用ROS Hydro + Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. 视频在Youtube,观看需要科学上网。

A demonstration of my Master’s Thesis: Visual-Based Localization and Tracking of a UGV with a Quadcopter. In this project, a visual tracking framework is designed to track the UGV with an AR.Drone quadcopter from Parrot. The system utilizes a centralized control by a ground station which is running ROS and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

The first two experiments were taken with the support of a global vision system which was designed using a low cost web camera. While in the last experiment, the quadcopter simply uses IMU data for navigation. The image was captured from the bottom camera of the AR.Drone and processed with OpenCV. Four PID controllers were designed to control the motion of the quadcopter to make it hold at a position or track a trajectory.

The next step is to use such a robot system for factory and infrastructure inspection. But since I have to return my quadcopter to the department, it is really problematic for me to imply this idea. Hope I can find the chance to get another AR.Drone soon.

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